swim mia ibiza guide


There's a handful of places in the world where you can be in paradise and party 24/7. One is our very own - Miami. And another one that is constantly graced by celebrities, beautiful sunsets, amazing restaurants, and a quaint European town is the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean sea. It used to be European's party oasis, but its popularity has increased severely, and now people from all over the world put Ibiza on their bucket list. Especially young people who are ready to party. 


Whether Ibiza has already made it on your travel bucket list, or you are yet to get a passport, this travel guide will help you find the ten top things to do while in Ibiza. 




1. Saddle up for a hike through the forests and mountains of northern Ibiza. 

hiking in ibiza



2. Bring back some flavored sea salt. The island’s salt pans date back to 800BC.


3. Try a local speciality such as guisat de peix, a hearty seafood stew with potato and garlic mayonnaise.

4. Take the Ibiza Tourist Train which offers a variety of coastline routes, visiting some bigger towns and beaches.

5. Have a shot of locally-produced liqueur Hierbas Ibicencas. Made with plants such as thyme and rosemary, it packs a punch at 26 per cent alcohol.

6. Take a ferry or boat to Formentera 




7. Bag a bargain at a hippy market. The biggest, Punta Arabi in Es Cana, is held every Wednesday.


hippy market ibiza


8. Taste local produce such as honey, almonds or fig jam.

9. Take a boat from San Antonio to the aquarium on Cap Blanc 



10. Ibiza boasts fantastic diving sites, including the national park of Las Salinas. 




1. Take a stroll in Old Town, watch the sunsets and grab a cocktail at any of the bars in the quaint streets. 


swim mia old town ibiza

2. Have dinner in Old Town

swim mia old town ibiza sunset



3. Visit these famous nightclubs: Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Ushuaia, Sankeys. Just last week Paris Hilton hosted her birthday partey at Amnesia, so you will be in good company. 

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