When you are a twenty-something year old, one of the amazing luxuries is being able to have a space of your own where shoes, bags, swim suits, and pretty sequins play a part in your apartment decor. One day a house might be filled with toys, or husband's tools, but for now, as you adventure and journey through these special years, make the most of what is independently your space where you are a creating a place of happiness and solace that is uniquely yours. 


After scouting the world wide web for thousands of perfectly girly rooms without tossing gallons of pink paint and leopard print, we found the most enchanting 32 rooms that can be easily recreated by a girl in her twenties. Some full of glamour, sophistication, while others bohemian, tropical, floral, vintage, modern, eclectic, preppy, and romantic. Something for everyone.


If you are creating your space, remember to take your time in finding pieces that speak to you. Don't rush into trying to make your space look like a page out of a catalog, but instead an excerpt out of your own book. 

































We hope you are now inspired to play with colors, textures, and use what you have now to create a room to store and display your Summer wardrobe, aka your hot swimsuits